The Counseling Hut, 132 East Broadway, Suite 318, Eugene, OR 97401, 541-342-8144 (Phone/TTY) 541-342-1724 (Fax) (E-mail)

Welcome to the Counseling Hut!
Revised February 22, 2017
Changes at the Counseling Hut
Brian Parks, PhD, has moved his office to Strong Integrated Behavioral Health. Brian can be reached at 541-393-5983.

Noelle Osborn, MEd, has moved her office to 272 West 11th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. Noelle can be reached at 541-653-7778.

About the Counseling Hut
The Counseling Hut offers individual, couple, family, and group counseling for adults, adolescents, and children. The Counseling Hut is an LGBT-affirming environment. The Counseling Hut is committed to respecting and working with our clients' religious and spiritual beliefs.

How to Find Us
The Counseling Hut is located at 132 East Broadway, Suites 318 and 314, Eugene, Oregon, in an 8-story brown building on the south side of Broadway between Oak Street and Pearl Street.

Parking is available on metered street parking and at the City of Eugene Overpark Garage at 10th and Oak Street operated by Diamond Parking. At the Overpark Garage, during business hours, the first hour's parking is free, and we can validate the second hour.

We are a little over two blocks away from LTD Eugene Station. These buses also stop near us: 12, 13, 40, 66, 67, 91, 95, 96.

Jordan J. Shin, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor (Suite 318)

Our goal at the Counseling Hut is to create as ability-neutral a counseling environment as possible. Our facilities are wheelchair-accessible, and we have adaptive equipment on site, such as a Braille embosser, TTY, reading glasses, T-coil neck-loop, etc. Since no one environment can be equally accommodating of every access needs, please contact us if you have specific access needs or concerns. We also welcome input from any community member on how we can improve our accessibility efforts.

Our outgoing phone message no longer has a TTY prompt, as it created problems with some cell phones. If you are calling with a TTY, please wait 38 seconds after dialing and leave a message, with your name and phone number at the end. If you have a voice announcement feature on your TTY, please turn it on before calling, as it will keep the voicemail from hanging up.

File Formats
PDF files posted on this Web site are formatted with Futura 10-point font. Large Print PDF files are formatted with Times 18-point font.

BRL files posted on this Web site are Level 1 US Braille files formatted to 33 columns and 24 rows per page for Letter size paper. Translation was performed by Louis version 1.4 for MacOS X. Files translated to Level 2 US Braille and/or for different size paper are also available upon request.

Release of Information
If you would like to authorize the release of your treatment information, to yourself or to others, please fill out the Authorization for Release of Information form and mail or fax it to us. You can also use this form to ask others to send their records to the Counseling Hut. The information will be exchanged in person, by phone, by fax, or by USPS first class mail, using the method which the Counseling Hut deems to be appropriate and to be best for protecting your privacy. The Counseling Hut may choose not to provide the information you requested according to best clinical judgment, in order to protect your privacy, or if doing so is potentially harmful to you.

Contact Information for the Counseling Hut
The Counseling Hut
132 East Broadway, Suite 318
Eugene, Oregon 97401-3142
541-342-8144 (Phone/TTY)
541-342-1724 (Fax) (E-mail)

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E-mail Privacy Notice
Please note that, in order to keep this e-mail address public, the spam filter has been set to the highest possible setting. Some e-mail messages may be lost, even if it is not a spam. If there is no reply to your e-mail message for three business days, please contact us by phone, TTY, or fax.

E-mail messages may be checked from an unsecured computer, and e-mail messages are often stored on multiple locations. Please do not use e-mail for communication that needs to remain confidential.

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